Football, the world’s most popular sport, is also widely loved in Australia. The country has shown its greatness on the global stage, appearing at the World Cup an impressive five times. The country’s stars have also shone in some major leagues in the world. Club football is also very popular in Australia.

All this starts at the local level. For this reason, this site concentrates on local club football, with a specific focus on Sydney. It has a wide range of topics discussed in the following sections.

Local Football Clubs

In this section, get to know general information about the local clubs in Sydney. Which are the most popular teams and derbies in the area? Who are the most popular players that these clubs have produced? All these and more related questions are answered in this section. Players looking to join local football clubs will also find a guide of how to go about it here.

Games and Teams

Under this section, the site looks at the general structure of football in Australia. It touches on the organisation of leagues, as well as the bodies that take charge of running the sport. It also looks at how clubs are owned.

Club Facilities and Activities

This section focuses on the teams’ day-to-day activities. The approach for this begins with how teams find funds to keep themselves operational. Methods such as sponsorship and matchday revenue are discussed. It also looks at different social initiatives that teams are involved in away from the football pitch.

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