The rivalry is a common thing in sports. The fact that everybody is competing to win the same thing causes a lot of competition between teams. The geographical location of the groups can also create a healthy rivalry. Each side wants to be dominant in their area and recognized as the best team. Sydney has some of the best rivalries in football. Here are some of these rivalries you would not love to witness.

Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers

Both of these teams are in the top league in Australia. They strive to be the best teams in Sydney. Sydney FC has had better results, having won most of the derby matches. The matches between these two have an excellent footballing atmosphere. The winners have joy akin to what winners have. Western Sydney Wanderers also do well in this derby as they at times disappoint the Sky Blues. This is always a match to look forward to in the A-League.

Marconi Stallions and Sydney United

It is the most notable derby in Sydney. The location of the two teams influences this derby. Both play their home games a couple of streets from each other. The tension and the aggressiveness of these team’s meetings usually are very high.

APIA Leichhardt and Sydney United

These two teams boast producing the most Socceroos players. The rivalry has been intact for decades. These teams always battle it out whenever they meet in the field. The derby records are very close making it difficult for one to say which team is better than the other.

APIA Leichhardt and St George FC

Both of these teams are always bragging about their great historical records—none of these teams like losing to the other. A match between these two teams is one to watch. The referees in these matches have to be very tough to keep them under control.