Sponsorship Opportunities

Welcome to Fraser Park FC for 2018, we hope this next season can be an enjoyable and learning experience for all as we unite together for what we hope will be a great year.

While our Seniors, Youth, and SAP players embark on the next part of their football journey, Fraser Park FC is on the lookout for new sponsors to join our exciting organization. As a branch of the Sydney Portuguese Community Club Ltd, we are a not for profit football club. Sponsorship is an integral part of our club in providing us with the chance to offer up many opportunities for our players and our community, at the same time, providing our sponsors with a chance to grow their business.

One of our main targets for next year is to continue to add to the facilities we have at Fraser Park by completing all the facilities under the grandstand for our players & their supporters, creating more comfort in the grandstand for our community, and providing the best possible chance for our club, players, and supporters alike, to continue to grow and be successful.

If you know, or if you yourself are interested in sponsoring our club in any way possible, please take the time to have a look at our sponsorship opportunities in the attached booklet. If you choose to be involved it will be very much appreciated. Please feel free to contact Luis Pereira if you have any questions or if you want to be involved.

Download 2018 Sponsorship Pack

Many thanks in advance,

Yours Sincerely,

Luis Pereira
0410 041 880